Dear friends, here is an interesting idea of setting up some individual goals for the bicentenary. ⤵️

Here’s one scenario for you…⤵️

My week-by-week individual plan:

I’m doing the best I can and I’m quite eagerly helping out with the many collective programmes that my community is engaged in with the preparation for the bicentenary celebrations this year.

However, for some time now I’ve also been wondering “what can I do at my personal level…and as my very own contribution…to the bicentennial celebrations this year”.

I live with my parents so I’ve decided to use my home as a venue for what I have in mind.

I discussed my plan with my friends too – some of whom are living as paying guests and others are at hostels. So now, after I told them my plan, they too have decided to take up some of the ideas and carry them out individually as their very own personal initiative! This will probably be in smaller numbers, at other informal settings such as parks, cafes, or going on hiking trips.

However, one thing my friends and I definitely seemed to agree on was that there was ample scope to do multiple activities, and to have meaningful conversations in a variety of settings….and regularly too!

At my personal level I’m working on a minimum of one activity each week:

MY PLAN – a weekly small gathering at my home for not more than 1.5 hours starting with tea on arrival, an introduction, a presentation on the life of Bahaullah, Q&A, summing up, followed by refreshments.

Week1 – with friends and acquaintances in the neighbourhood.

Week2 – with my work-colleagues

Week3 – with my old college and school buddies

Week4 – I’ve suggested to my sister who has a child at school to invite the mums and dads she knows at the school. They can bring the kids along too. We’ll do a separate activity with them with the help of a junior animator.

Week5 – with artistes, media friends, interfaith. (I personally don’t know any but one of my friends is an artiste and he has a good circle of friends).

Week6 – with my relatives!! ( one often forgets the ones closest to them!).

Week7 – Sunday ‘Langar’ (meal) followed by a short talk & film for the staff and workers in my office and if possible also include the staff working within my apartment building.

I asked my mother who is also a Baha’i if she wanted to do her own individual plan!!! She hadn’t thought of it that way, she says. She’s now thinking of approaching her own neighbourhood friends and also inviting some of the known minority groups through her friends and contacts, to our home!!…Probably a Sunday brunch or even a weekly devotional like a ‘Satsang’.

Please pray for us.