Celebrating at the level of the households, families and the individual.

Below are some ideas for the celebration:

Note: To put any of these into action one need not wait till the actual momentous day in October. One can start with any or all of the listed ideas one is comfortable with from any time now and spread them over a period of time – from now…till October, 2017.

  • Firesides & discussions at home –
  • Dinner gatherings at home –
  • (Baha’i) Film viewing at home-
  • Devotionals at home –
  • Sunday garden party at home –
  • Cultural evenings at home –
  • Special gathering at home to speak about the person of Baha’u’llah –

At the point of invitation it is always helpful to mention that the activity you are inviting your friends and acquaintances to, is to mark the upcoming celebrations and that there will be a short (specify the approximate time) presentation on a selected theme (specify the theme or the presentation). Guests always appreciate knowing in advance the programme.

The Power of One:
We should not be surprised to see how sometimes our simple dedicated efforts in any one town or one village, or one city can generate enough energy and spiritual forces to spawn further even more activities such as an increase in prayer meetings, gatherings to talk about the person of Baha’u’llah, and fire sides.

The simple act of inviting friends, neighbors and families to such initiatives at home offers the certain possibilities of building stronger bonds of friendship with ones friends, neighbors and acquaintances.