Some ideas for activities at the local community level

Whilst local Baha’i institutions begin to inspire the families, the households and the individual in their communities here are some thoughts that might work for some communities at the local collective level.
-Promotion of Art
-Cultural events
-Debates and Declamation on prevalent discourses of society.
-Seminar and Round Table Discussions.
-Interfaith Gatherings.
-Public Talks

Art – organizing events for writing of essays on social issues or expressions in paintings.
This can, if resources permit, be done at the level of colleges and schools. From our experience educational institutions  including the art colleges or graphic schools are open to initiatives such as these. However, such events need a good  lead time. Thus it’s possibilities should be considered well in advance. Now might be a good time to consider its implementation if resources permit. Collaborating with other organizations for such activities often yields better results.

Cultural events such as classical music & dance, folk art forms or drama. Or an evening of Recitation of poetry where poets & writers could be invited. Or an approach to  music colleges for students to put Bahai prayers and Hidden words into music. These  could be some of the thoughts that could be considered.

Debates or Declamations at schools & colleges:  Subjects such as Science & Spirituality, Gender equality, Poverty and Wealth, Education, Cooperation and Reciprocity versus Competitiveness amongst others, could be considered.

Seminars or Round Table Discussions amongst professionals such as lawyers, business people, doctors, professors, heads of schools.

Interfaith gatherings – these could be organized in conjunction with other faith leaders or faith representatives.

Dear friends, another approach to mark the Bicentenary Celebration of the Birth of Baha’u’llah that some may consider could be in the arena of social action:

  • Blood donation drive, 
  • Sports event, 
  • Promoting the joy of giving, 
  • Tree plantation, 
  • Prayer gathering for peace or communal harmony, 
  • Cleanliness drive.
  • Many of these activities could also be carried out in association with other organizations. This would reflect your spirit of service and your genuine interest in the wider community demonstrating further how diverse people can come together in unity for a noble cause and for the betterment of the community.