Guiding extracts from the 18 May, 2016 letter of the Universal House of Justice addressed to the National Spiritual Assemblies:

“…these Holy Days should be viewed as special opportunities for the friends to reach out to the widest possible cross-section of society and to all those with whom they share a connection–whether through a family tie or common interest, an occupation or field of study, neighbourly relations or merely chance acquaintance–so that all may rejoice in the appearance, exactly two hundred years before, of One Who was to be the Bearer of a new Message for humankind.”

“….The locus of activity for the bicentenaries is to be at the local level.

The House of Justice anticipates that in countless places across the world, both rural settings and urban centres, the friends will find creative ways to honour the Twin Manifestations Whose lives and sacred missions will be recalled on Their anniversaries. There might also be an opportunity for initiatives at the national level, which could include a gathering to which dignitaries and prominent individuals who have a relationship with the Faith could be invited. ”

“…But the most distinguishing feature of these bicentenaries will be a tremendous flourishing of activity by Baha’is and their friends in local communities.”

“…Of course, this will take different forms in different contexts, extending to a myriad artistic and cultural expressions, including songs, audio-visual presentations, publications and books.  Such initiatives, coupled with widespread celebrations that are both uplifting and reverent, are also sure to spark the curiosity and wonder of many who may as yet be unfamiliar with the names of the Bab and Baha’u’llah.”

Guiding extracts from the 2 May, 2017 letter of the Universal House of Justice addressed to the National Spiritual Assemblies:

“…There is a growing appreciation by the believers that the coming year, as characterized by the Universal House of Justice in its Ridvan 2017 message, represents “the single greatest worldwide opportunity there has ever been for connecting hearts to Baha’u’llah”.

“The countless events that will occur in neighbourhoods and villages, within households and communities, attracting all comers, will form part of a single, global coming together of peoples to honour a Manifestation of God, the Unifier of the human race.”

“…  It is now well understood that the locus of activity for the bicentenaries will be at the local level, and individuals and families as much as Local Spiritual Assemblies are thinking of befitting ways to mark the first of these auspicious occasions.”

“…While the preparations being made by Baha’is around the world are intensifying, measures to support the endeavours of the friends are taking shape at the Baha’i World Centre.  One initiative is the production of a film that has been commissioned by the House of Justice specifically to mark the bicentenary of the Birth of Baha’u’llah.”

Individuals should not hesitate to contact their Local Spiritual Assemblies for any clarifications or guidance.